“When Dr. Lee told me I was going to have to have IV therapy for several months to treat a serious and chronic condition, at first, all I could do was imagine how inconvenient this would be and how expensive to take off work to go sit at a clinic every other day. However, I was able to continue my life, my work and enjoy my family because Dr. Lee arranged for Amada’s nurses to come to my home and administer my IV medication there. They scheduled at my convenience and for less cost than the clinic’s fees. The home health nurses allowed me the freedom to continue living my life during those months of treatment. The nurses monitored me very closely so I never had a single complication. The entire Amada team took the anxiety away and helped all of us adjust during this difficult time. We are all very grateful for this helpful service and we still stay in touch with those wonderful nurses who fit into our home like family. Thanks Dr. Lee for recommending Amada.”

“When my wife, Lois, fell down our stairs and broke both her arms, we were looking at each other in the hospital saying, ”Now what?”  We didn’t know what to do and the hospital was discharging her in two days.  I had to work to keep up the household and with our daughter in school abroad, we had no family close enough to be of help.  Her alternative was to go to a skilled nursing facility and she was much too young to feel comfortable with that decision.  Fortunately, her doctors felt the same, referred us to Amada Home Health and they literally came to the rescue.  Lois is diabetic and requires glucose monitoring and insulin injections which she obviously could not do with both arms in casts.  We were able to have Amada nurses come to our home for two shifts a day, care for her, monitor her closely, provide healthy and nutritious meals ( her nurses were the best cooks ever!).  Along with the help feeding, bathing, dressing and all the other nursing care, Lois got her hair and makeup done every day and they even manicured her nails!  Her nurse took her to her doctor’s appointments, helped her with Christmas shopping and visiting some friends to help keep her spirits up.  I was able to continue working with the ease of mind of knowing she was in such good care when I was away.  We are both grateful that our doctor knew to refer us to your capable team and we will miss the care, the pampering and the good cooks! Our frightening ordeal was not only made tolerable but we feel like we have new family friends! Thanks to each and every one of you.” Lois & Albert C.

“Dear Amada, we want you to know how grateful we are for you. Grams wanted to record the family’s history during her last “moments in this earthly realm”, as she frequently said, and her Amada nurse offered to help. She and Grams worked together on the computer to organize the family history information into a family tree. Last Christmas, we were all presented with a lovely gift of our genealogy in a clever family-tree, including the nurse’s suggestion to include as much medical history as Grams could remember to go along with the family names. It was so sweet to see the twinkle in Grams eyes when we opened that surprise gift from her. We can’t express our gratitude enough to Amada for hiring nurses so kind and interested in finding a way to help our grandmother feel productive again and accomplish this one goal so important to her and our family. You are the best!”

“When one of your nurses discovered that dad had spent his whole life farming, she purchased some seeds and gardening supplies before her next visit and planted a small patio garden with him. At first he didn’t think he could do anything, but soon he was so much happier spending time in his little garden and nurturing his plants again. This is just the kind of personal care he needed to perk him up. We hadn’t seen his hands so active (or dirty) or his smile so big in a long time. She found a way to help him engage in life again. Thanks Amada.”

“Two years ago, my mother’s health took a turn for the worst when she began having issues with congestive heart failure. So many of the things she could easily do before became incredibly difficult, and though she wanted to stay at home – we knew she could no longer live on her own and needed nursing care. She objected strenuously to the idea of leaving the familiar surroundings of her home for a facility so, Amada was an absolute lifesaver for our family. After a professional nursing assessment of her and her home, they helped us activate her long term care insurance policy and their nurses began making life easier for my mom and all of us almost immediately. I can’t thank Amada enough for all they’ve done for us.” – Lorraine M.

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